you should listen to queen by taibian. i don’t think its kpop, but its korean xD. (and it matches your url ;3)

if it matches my url, I should definetely check it out anon :)

마녀의 일기-spica | animal-snsd | overdose-exo | oh my prince-neon bunny | goodbye summer-f(x) | anymore-seo in young | goodbye 20-lim kim | 이 시간에-geeks | youaholic-snsd | ice cream-f(x) | 이별식탁-san e | black pearl-exo | 내일도 맑음 - maybee | whatcha doin today-4minute | yahage-new champ | rainsound-bap | orgel-shinee | when where how-block b | 가끔 이런 날-have a tea | peppermint chocolate-mamamoo+k. will | mr. chu-apink | that's all i can think of right now ^^;

wow thanks a lot for this! i already now some of those songs, but i’ll definetely check the others :)


do you listen to davichi? Don't say goodbye is a really good song imo

I havent listened to them! but i’ll check them out :)

can you guys recommend me some songs?  kpop songs, obviously, please :) 

nine muses synchronization for parksojns

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