what's the best way to make you smile? ;D

just give me food and buy me clothes and you’ll see me smiling and hugging you a lot ♥


hi how are you doing? ;3

hi anon! I’ve been better but, you know, still good enough :)

Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

make me choose: 4minute’s hyuna or after school’s nana, asked by anon

make me choose: mr.chu or catallena, asked by anon

just found your blog and i love it <3 why didn't i found you blog earlier~ :))

wow you are being so sweet right now omg, thank you so much babe 

make me choosesecret or kara, asked by anon

i remind you guys that i dont edit boybands! so I’ll just edit girlgroups requests, ok?

Hyoyeon or Yuri

done! :)